Yotta Savings – Contest Winnings – October 12th-18th

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Contest Winnings – October 12th-18th

My Yotta Savings account had 200 tickets last week.  I manually selected a handful, used my “lucky” tickets and randomly selected the remaining.  The odds are against me, lets see how I did.

Oct 12 Prior to Yotta Ball
Prior to the Yotta ball

Leading into the Yotta Ball I thought that I had a good chance of getting a few matches.  I really missed a bunch of numbers early on and my luck was really low.  Finally, the red ball rolled out and I missed so many tickets.

Winning Numbers
My winnings

Only 1 ticket paid out for a total of $0.10.  This was a really unlucky week for me.  The red ball only showed up on a random ticket with no previous yellow balls.  Back to the drawing board for the next week.

Overall 2020 Performance – Yotta Savings

  • Last Weeks Winnings: $0.10
    • Last Week ROI: Really Low
  • Total Returns: $1.60
    • Winnings: $1.60
    • Interest: $0
      • Weeks: 2
    • Actual ROI: 0.03%
    • Annualized ROI: 0.8%

What is Yotta Savings?

Yotta Savings is just that, a savings account.  They are 100% Free and FDIC insured up to $250k.  They provide a 0.2% Interest rate paid monthly on the account.  The best part, they have a sweepstakes each week where you could win $10,000,000.  How do you participate?  Just deposit $25 or more and for each $25 you will receive a entry ticket to the sweepstakes.  From there you pick your numbers, watch the balls roll each day and get paid out any winnings on the following Monday.  You should join me in saving money and winning big.  Click on the below referral link, download the mobile app and use the code JOHN246.  We will both get 100 one-time Bonus tickets when you make your first deposit.

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*I am not a financial planner and all of the above is personal opinion and performance. Your performance and experiences may differ.