Board Game Review – Forbidden Island

I am excited to talk about a fantastic board game called Forbidden Island by Gamewright. This is a great game for both adults and kids. It is very easy to learn and quick to play. Forbidden Island won multiple awards in the years after it was published. Gamewright also published two other similar games; Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Sky.

Forbidden Island - Board Setup


In Forbidden Island, you play as a group of explorers who work together to find hidden artifacts and escape to safety. The group must work quickly to locate the missing items before the island sinks.

Forbidden Island - Charater Roles

Each player selects a character role. The different roles will help you move quicker around the board, prevent the island from sinking, and help you find the artifacts. Each player has several actions to choose from on their turn. They can move, search for an artifact, or shore up a tile. To find an artifact players, must be on the appropriate tile and have 4 of a kind of the matching artifact cards.

Forbidden Island - Artifacts

At the end of the players turn they will sink the island by drawing cards to “flood” (flip over) or “sink” (remove) location tiles from game play. All players win if they can find the missing artifacts and gather together on the helicopter pad tile to escape. All players lose if the tile that holding a missing artifact or the helicopter pad tile sinks.

The best part:

I am a huge fan of games that have very simple game mechanics, and Forbidden Island is a great example. For this reason, this game is ideal for adults and children new to gaming. 

Players and ages:

This cooperative game is for 2-4 players. The manufacturer recommends ages 10+. This game is so simple to learn and is appropriate for children aged 8+. Each round of play will last about 30 minutes.


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