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Today I am going to share Mysterium by Asmodee. We first played this game at ValorCon 2016, and our friend liked it so much she bought it that very day. It has since become her favorite game, and travels with her frequently to gaming weekends. 


In Mysterium, you play either as the spirit of a ghost, or as the psychics that are trying to solve the ghost’s murder. The ghost can only communicate with the players by giving them vision cards with strange, surrealistic drawings. The vision cards suggest clues to the identity of the murderer, the location it took place, and the weapon.  The psychics can discuss their interpretation of the different cards with each other. To win the game, all psychics must guess their individual suspect, location, and weapon (original) or motive (expansions) within the first 7 rounds. They must then determine  which psychic has found the truth  of the ghost’s murder in the last, final round.

The ghost:

The ghost is never allowed to speak with the other players. He or she can only give clues to their murder through the vision cards, or by giving a yes/no signal to tell players if their guesses were correct or incorrect. He or she cannot do anything that might accidentally give a cue to the psychics.  However, the player characters can speak freely to each other, including friendly trash-talking about the poor quality of the ghost’s visions. Since the ghost is unable to use any rude gestures to respond to friendly trash-talking, he or she will have to be satisfied with a reproachful glare in response.

4 Player Ghost Setup With first Hand
4 Player Ghost Setup with First Hand

 What I like the most:

What I like the most about this game being part of the cooperative debate  several other players. And the more players, the better! The most fun time we played this game was during a New Years Eve party with a full set of 7 players.

Our friend loves this game so much she invested in a box insert to keep things better organized. The artwork is lovely and there are several expansions that add more vision cards and different clues.

Players and Ages:

Mysterium is a cooperative game for 2-7 players, and is great for larger groups. It will take about 40-50 minutes to play one round. It is recommended for ages 10+, but older elementary-age children should be able to play without difficulty. 

Games and Expansions:

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