Card Game Review – Sparkle Kitty

OMG! Sparkle Kitty by Breaking Games is an amazing card game. It has quickly become a staple at our board game table.

Sparkle Kitty Card Game - Player Princesses

This competitive card game is played by 2-8 players and a game can run around 15+ mins. Play against your friends in this Uno style game to be the first to free your princess. Play goes around the table, discarding cards with the matching color or symbol into the spell book, while calling out hilarious phrases such as super cupcake riot or ultra baby devastation.

Sparkle Kitty Card Game - Player Tower

As your friends get closer to winning, you can strategize with special dark magic cards from your hand to add cards to their tower. But don’t make enemies too quickly as they could play a fudge card to fill your hand back up. You also need quick thinking, as playing doubles on others discarded cards can quickly clear your tower to victory.

You’ll laugh, cry and constantly wonder how your friends saved their princesses so quickly. We tend to play many games in a sitting and this is a great game to fill in short bursts of time.

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